company leadership

All of our maintenance leadership team members are picked for their knowledge, experience and abilities to establish strategies and directions needed for developing highly effective maintenance leadership strategies that deliver tangible benefits.

Our maintenance leadership team brings substantial knowledge to the company and each one complements another’s broad expertise to design and develop a successful company that delivers outstanding preventive maintenance plans for all customers.

You’ll work with a readily available & highly-proactive maintenance leadership team who doesn’t like to complicate things with front-line sales or marketing. You can rely on our maintenance leadership team to deliver solutions that surpass expectations.

Anita Galica

Managing Director

Anita is responsible for managing our company’s profitability, strategy, structure, services & communication.

Hassan Jamal

Operation Director

Hassan is responsible for managing all of our operating modes, ensuring true alignment to our core mission.

Rachel Woodward

Compliance Director

Rachel establishes and implements effective and efficient compliance standards throughout the company.

Martina Harrison

Finance Director

Martina is responsible for financial planning & analysing our company’s economic weaknesses and strengths.