service guarantees

We have confidence in our service engineers, confident in our maintenance delivery strategies and confident in our abilities to design, develop and deliver outstanding preventive strategies with unparalleled preventive maintenance service guarantees.

We think all customers would agree that there is a risk of conflict-of-interest when a maintenance service provider also impose fee for the reactive related works. We remove through our highly ethical and equitable maintenance service guarantees.

Enter our maintenance service guarantees. We make management & maintenance  of assets beyond the “norm” our best interest. If we fall short in the results, we stand by our maintenance service guarantees & promise to make it right, at no extra cost.

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Emergency Call Out Fees

At any time, you need us we will attend all emergency call outs within 4 hours’ time period – Free of charge

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Labour/Remedial Work Fees

We will complete all remedial/repair works needed to put the asset back in full working order – Free of charge

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Repair Parts/Materials Fees

Very often, new replacement units, parts or materials are required. We will supply & install – Free of charge

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Services Incremental Fees

Pay only for the equipment you need managed and maintained. We charge no additional/hidden servicing costs.