service competence

We are highly competence and capable of designing, developing and delivering site-specific preventative maintenance and management strategies that are tailored for the specific service requirement of each asset in your unique setting/environment.

We align our services with some of the best, well recognised and respected industry accreditation providers to make sure that we stay highly relevant & compliant with expected quality competence, regulations, practices, policies, process & procedures.

We take into account industry codes of practice and competence guidelines, as well as analysing results from surveys, assessments, reports and feedback in an effort to develop innovative training tools for our next cohort of building service engineers.


Facilities / Settings

These are facilities that have no more than one family living in, which are used as a place of habitation.


Facilities / settings

These are buildings/facilities that are used for private occupancy whether on a permanent or temporary basis.


Facilities / settings

These are buildings/facilities that house public or private organistions, instutions, companies for commerce.


Facilities / settings

These are building/facilities wherein products or material are fabricated, assembled and/or processed